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Proposed New Religion - "New Augury"

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Based on all exploration partially described in the archive, a unique new religion is born. Yes, anyone can create a religion, and this has happened all through history. Only a few of them achieve popular “hit” status such as Christianity, Islam, etc.

Below are basic Propositions of a newly created religion. It may only have a follower of one, so I fairly call it "one true religion."  A working title may also be "New Augury" since I own the domain, "newaugury.com". The 19th century French philosopher Auguste Comte created the “Religion of Humanity.” With regard to his personal religious beliefs, Thomas Jefferson said, “I am of a sect by myself, as far as I know.” There are numerous other original religion creation precedents.

Shakespeare wrote, "To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man."

In the light of all these predecessors, I provide the basic Propositions of the “one true religion.” The points will be elaborated on subsequent pages and can be discussed interactively in Facebook.  This is a panentheism variation and is neither agnostic nor atheistic:

1. All scriptures and holy books of all religions must be continuously updated as human societies use their collective “God-given” abilities to know and understand all dimensions of the Universe and beyond. Same goes for all followers, who will otherwise find themselves increasingly out of sync with reality, leading to disharmony and fragmentations.  Discussion

2. A most important concept per Proposition #1 is that “God’s” chosen developmental tool is actually evolution (as per Darwin) in the largest sense of the word.  Wherever you see evolution progressing in any domain, you are directly observing the hand of “God”. This Proposition has the extreme benefit of eliminating a religion-science dichotomy that formerly plagued mankind throughout history.  It even gives plausibility to the “intelligent design” concept.

3. Unfortunately, all evolutionary development happens in the face of changes, transitions, struggles and threats, and we take those to be "evil". All of the strengths I have - great hearing, great sight, awareness, etc. - all stem from all the suffering and threats experienced by all my antecedents including not only humans but ancient bacteria, etc., etc. When we try to think of “God” as “good” in an evolutionary creation scenario, a serious paradox is created. But there could be no development in a “paradise.”

4. The only “worship” necessary in the “one true religion” is to regularly express deep gratitude to all your predecessors per Proposition #3 for having suffered in evolutionary struggle to give you your own wonderful individual talents, gifts, and abilities.

5. The primary “worship ritual” is that you must deliberately endeavor to become all you can individually be. In other words, to make the most of your cherished “God given” strengths and abilities. Being a Renaissance person (i.e., polymath) would be ideal.  If “God” is “all seeing, all knowing,” then that’s what you must try to be. Due to human limitations you can never be “God” but merely “godlike” in this endeavor.

There you have it – the basic “one true religion” Propositions. Please mull them over and comment on the Facebook page. There will be many further elaborations to come on this website and in the social media.  Yes, essentially everything you and billions of other persons know or have been taught about religion is, and always was, obsolete.

James Duncan – Independent Scholar -  May 22, 2016 - BIO

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