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"As a small child, I wondered why most of the otherwise knowledgeable, accomplished adults who surrounded me seemed to have almost no idea about how to live a satisfying life. It was clear to me even then that the answer wasn't money or power but, somehow, the ability to control and enjoy one's experience."  - Milhaly Csikszentmihalyi, University of Chicago

Here is an ever growing list of implications that spring from expansion of the "IQ" schema to potentially infinite dimensionality.  Expansion of the IQ concept as a continuum beyond anthropocentric three dimensional limits actually redefines all science, art, and spirituality.  Here are a few areas within which to consider the implications:

+ We know what a "genius", "moron", or "prodigy" is on an IQ scale, but the meaning of such terms broadens considerably on the temporal aperture "scale". More here.

+ Parapsychological events

+ Spirituality, gods, and deities

+ Personal psychology

+ All cosmology

+ All science

+ All art

+ Synchronicity

+ Collective Unconscious

+ "Enlightenment"

The temporal aperture ultimately defines an infinite meta-space with the clear implication that everything known and unknown everywhere is fully connected.


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May 2, 2009
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