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Here is a speculative proposal with spiritual implication. 

A widely diverse and dispersed group of scientists, spiritual persons, religious leaders, and so forth have attempted to best describe a vast polydimensional meta-structure existing beyond nominal human consciousness. That all-encompassing meta-structure is often given the names and stature of one or another Deities including "God" in many cultures.  Quantum and string theory models all tend to make possible at least a quasi-scientific description of a vast meta-structure beyond immediate human experience and cognition.  In Open Mystic, that meta-structure is the case of the "infinite temporal aperture", but the various nomenclatures arguably all describe the same meta-phenomenon.  The nominal everyday human consciousness model is but a tiny speck in the meta-vastness.

Given the situation as described above, a compelling notion is that a wide variety of human interaction with the vast meta-structure surround is constantly likely.  That meta-structure is substantially non-anthropic, so any such interactions are potentially of a non-verbal, unimaginable form.  Proposed in earlier essays was the notion that a polymath ("renaissance" type person) with the broadest, most agile consciousness might have better luck at cognizing and interpreting paranormal information.  A mind experienced with the non-verbal interpretations intrinsic to many art forms along with a measure of co-existing scientific logic might likely have the best shot at paranormal communications.

Where might PSI concepts, viz., pertaining to paranormal communications, fit into this scenario from a human consciousness perspective?  There are a number of cases to consider.  There are arguably and potentially as many cases as there are persons.  But several are of special interest here:  A parapsychological researcher actively seeks focused anomalous cognition experiences.  An every day person may accidentally have a passive or initially unfocused paranormal experience.  The mystic may prepare themselves for paranormal communication - most opportunely by "temporal aperture expansion" as discussed in many Open Mystic essays.  That person may then choose to have some combination of focused and non-focused (accidental or serendipitous, paranormal communication).  To define any particular case for anomalous cognition experiences, one might consider the preparation of that person and also whether there is deliberate focused intention, such as in a parapsychology lab setting, or non-focused intention.  Or possibly a completely passive approach.

The particularly speculative aspect here regards the preparation that a person may have done for paranormal experience.  Many spiritual practices are said to enhance these capabilities.  Open Mystic has not actively collected any psi research to suggest one way or another that an actively prepared person - by virtue of spiritual practices or other training - statistically excels at any form of paranormal communications.  So in particular, the persistent Open Mystic proposal that the broadest possible mind-body scenario for a person - large temporal aperture "renaissance person" - leading to the most successful apprehension and interpretation of psi-context meta-data does not at present in this essay set have bona fide scientific research to support the concept, notwithstanding the fact that the notion ostensibly, if not obviously, stands to reason.

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