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"Let the richness of life embrace you" - Garrison Keillor, Prairie Home Companion

To get things rolling, let's suspend disbelief and make some provisional assumptions.  We will later do more examination and descriptions, but now let's start quickly - and big.

We will agree at this time that awareness or the power to cognize is a temporal aperture phenomenon. The limitation of words and concepts from our everyday 3-dimensional existence poses many issues, but we'll set that aside for now. Higher consciousness cannot be directly described in detail with words unfortunately.

We know what time is - in a practical way - and for now we'll say that an aperture is the scope of our everyday awareness of events. Simply put, the personal temporal aperture is our general awareness of events as we move through time. We submit that everyone has a temporal aperture - arguably every object or sentient being has one, but our focus is on human beings. The aperture does not have form in so many words but is a polydimensional virtual volume that in essence surrounds every person. The central issue of Open Mystic is the extent of that volume and the possibility of managing it within the limitations of word based concepts and 3-dimensional consciousness. 

So let's theoretically declare now that some individual has an infinite temporal aperture. That individual - or entity - experiences a here-and-now that is absolutely inclusive.  All things and events that ever were, are, or will be in every dimension are within that entity's immediate here-and-now experience. Every event is serendipitous or synchronistic since all events are within this individual's temporal aperture. All past, present, and future events are known in full detail to this entity since they are all within that infinite temporal aperture. 

A large temporal aperture embraces both a wide time span and a broad qualitative awareness or "openness".

At the other extreme, consider a one-cell creature whose temporal aperture is very limited. There are no perceptions nor concepts, only raw sensations in the immediate tiny here-and-now. That creature's temporal aperture cannot include knowledge of us observing it through a microscope while our own everyday temporal aperture does include awareness of that creature. Moving up the scale, one reasons that an entity with a larger - more inclusive - temporal aperture than we experience as humans can readily include us in their here-and-now and fully observe us while the reverse is not possible (normally).  This is one of numerous titillating implications of consciousness described as temporal aperture.

It is proposed that the range between the least and most extensive temporal aperture surrounds is a continuum.  An expansive temporal aperture would just be a more complex and variegated version of a simpler one.  This point truly makes the temporal aperture rubric a unifying model. Temporal apertures are scalable. See also page 19.

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January 28, 2008
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