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To paint a clearer picture of the Temporal Aperture, let's look at practical real world examples.  The TA seamlessly connects from the worldly to the transcendental, which is why it can be considered a unifying model.  The old "As above, so below" mot from Hermes Trismegistus definitely applies here in that if you wish to expand your Temporal Aperture transcendentally, you need to expand it right here in the real world here-and-now first.

One of the many ways we do that is by getting a job, for instance.  This is a clear example of temporal aperture expansion that most people are familiar with.

One decides to become an auto technician.  It used to be auto "mechanic", but here's an example where the "auto mechanic TA" expanded with technology to include many electronic control systems. The TA moniker "auto mechanic" is now too small a notion to fit today's actual occupation, so it is now "auto technician".  One desires - hopefully -  to always be expanding the temporal aperture, so the expanded skills covered by this occupation fit the current rubric. Besides, the expanded auto technician occupation pays better and has more prestige than the old fashioned auto mechanic job once did. Can't complain about that.

For an individual to successfully take on the new identity of auto technician and start making big money, the personal  temporal aperture must expand by adding the new knowledge and skills.  One needs to learn many new skills and techniques, plus acquire certifications.  One may need to improve social skills for dealing with customers and as well perhaps business skills. One needs manual and physical dexterity. The process of acquiring all the new knowledge is a de facto temporal aperture expansion. 

The personal temporal aperture is the sum total of all cognition attributes. It includes the auto technician skills, your ability to read, your eyesight, your loves and hates, your bass guitar, and possibly even some actual or latent transcendent awareness.  It is an entire surround that is invisible to the eyes in the same way that a physical antenna aperture can't be seen. The antenna's aperture is a design attribute absolutely key to the device's electromagnetic wave capture performance.  One's own temporal aperture is likewise not visible but is the entirety of all your functioning from minute to minute.

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