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Meaning and Importance of Limits
Summary: All action in the Universe is about testing and expanding limits. A boxing match and a tough legal Bar Examination are one and the same - a limits test. All evolution everywhere in the Universe occurs when limits of whatever type are reached and exceeded.

Getting back to personal transformations, let's take look at the meaning of limits.  It's poignant to contemplate that all the nifty features possessed by humans such as superb senses, exquisitely controlled musculature, broad awareness, etc. all had their birth in often repeated situations of deadly limits tests.  An approaching large predatory animal tests a variety of awareness and physical limits simultaneously for example.  It is the perceived or real threats from our surroundings over a long period of time and over a large population that have given rise to all of the delightful features humans enjoy.  Without these deadly threats over time, there would never had been human beings in the advanced form we all know and love.  This is the ultimate paradox of existence - there will necessarily always be strong tests of all existing limits.  Osama, Bird Flu, George Bush, etc. - these are all tests of limits.  To make one's existence a Paradise, all one must simply do is understand this notion and declare problem solving to be the highest pleasure. Problems will inevitably and naturally present free of charge, so enjoy them for what they are - and excuse and reason to expand your Temporal Aperture (awareness) by testing and expansion of various limits. See also page 35.

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