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A Fully Inclusive Consciousness Model  
Another Quick Summary
  • The entire Open Mystic essay set is an extrapolation of the "self-actualization" concept.
  • The core principle in the consciousness as temporal aperture rubric is the notion of consciousness and awareness descriptions lying on an infinitely long continuum. In essence an "IQ" report on an infinite scale, rather than nominally "20 to 180".
  • Every entity in existence is a temporarily organized integration of matter and waveform streams.
  • Sentient beings such as humans are complex integration systems taking in numerous continuous streams of waveforms and matter to create temporary structures and identities. Artifacts such as ego and all other traits are integrations of waveform and matter streams to create the illusion of an identifiable existence in the same way that a stream of 1's and 0's is creating an illusory image of a page and text on my computer monitor at this moment. Subsequent waveform streams will recreate this illusory page for interested Open Mystic visitors.
  • The integration process is layered: First order is sensing streams. Second order of integration is to perceive the streams. Third order is to conceptualize the streams. So we sense light with the eyes.  We perceive that light stream as red. We then conceptualize the red light as being the color of a jacket we are viewing.  This three ordered step structure would be a common experience for nearly everyone.
  • For a conscious sentient being the temporal aperture surround complexity and size is a function of the breadth of that being's ability to apprehend variegated knowledge streams. A polymath or "renaissance" person would have a larger temporal aperture than a narrow specialist. A Deity might possess a temporal aperture of infinite size. 
  • While the red colored jacket cognition structure is a common and easily understood flow within nearly everyone's temporal aperture, there are endless cognition opportunities at the fringes of a person's temporal aperture.  To apprehend and cognize a fleeting stream at the outer edge of the temporal aperture is the process of catching arrows.  Catching and accumulating arrows is a means by which the temporal aperture expands.
  • Catching arrows is a regenerative process, i.e., the more a person does it, the better the skill becomes.
  • Declare problem solving to be the highest pleasure. There's an endless supply for free.  The more a person does it in what ever areas are of interest, the more skills they will attain, i.e., this is a natural way to expand the temporal aperture.  Recurrent problem solving is regenerative.  There's even a bonus in that others may pay for a person to use accumulated skills to solve their problems. Declare problem solving to be the highest pleasure and enjoy eternal happiness and satisfaction.  For the New Age focused persons who may be Open Mystic visitors, keep in mind that shamans were/are focused problem solvers.
  • Finally...a core extension in the consciousness as temporal aperture rubric is the notion of a person becoming maximally inclusive on all fronts to the limits of their ability. The magic word here is "inclusion". How much inclusion can one possess and still remain sane and organized?

A call to action is "Semper Factotal" - "always doing everything".

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