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The standard IQ scale as we know and use it is clearly anthropocentric. It can be a useful descriptor for the functionality of an every day consciousness.  But it is once again a limited - anthropocentric - description.  In keeping with the Temporal Aperture model let's consider expanding the "IQ" scale to represent a more complete reality as in a simplified diagram.

(Note: the lower graph is an illustrative simplification. In reality this "graph" would be an inconceivable polydimensional volume)

In the same way that "genius" possesses all of the facilities of the "idiot" and much more, the "Infinite" mind of the ultra-chart above includes the "idiot" and "genius" facilities and far more. In fact the Infinite Entity on the far left would be a Deity encompassing all dimensions, all events, all history, everything that ever was, is, and ever will be.  Since that Infinite Entity is Absolutely Totally Inclusive, it comprises all things and events - and their exact opposites.  This is how we might model a God. Such an Entity would be everywhere present but impossible to detect since all of its Infinite energies and structures are forever in a Perfect Balance. So after all the many human millennia, we may boast of finally making a reasonable description of a God.

Important here is the reminder that the ultra-inclusive scale is a continuum - that's the essence of the discussion. In other words there are endless indescribable - in words at least - node entities along the line whose temporal aperture surrounds are less inclusive than that of the Infinite Entity.  By mere mortal standards, these temporal aperture consciousnesses are extremely inclusive. But they are not completely inclusive, and therefore are not in a Perfect Balance.  In a technical analogy, we would say that their incomplete structures mean that some facets are not perfectly balanced, and this will produce offsets. It is proposed that the totality of the physical Universe as we best know and enjoy it is nothing more than an immense dynamic spray of offsets existing in large but incomplete temporal apertures way outside of the human experience. We cannot be directly aware of these polydimensional nodes, but only of the offset differences they create. It is these offsets that we detect and claim to be our reality.

This is a necessarily a broad picture that will always be incomplete, at least in terms of ordinary human intellect. Words and everyday intellect, no matter how erudite and sophisticated, cannot adequately produce descriptions here. But this certainly does not mean that these ultra-human temporal aperture nodes do not exist merely because we are too limited to able to describe them.  When a human watches a fly buzz around, the fly has no notion of its human observer. On our continuum above, we understand that higher consciousness nodes, i.e., entities with super-human temporal apertures, could readily observe or interact with humans in an analogous fashion, and no human would be the wiser - except for the Open Mystic reader who now is aware of this likely possibility.  It's disgustingly anthropocentric to deny these notions.

Note that it is necessary for the totality of human civilizations over time to grow a critical mass of diverse intellectual understanding to finally propose a generally reasonable description of a God. The entire human game may be over when everyone has this understanding.

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