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Most parapsychological research focuses on scientifically designed trials to prove transmission of data - often static images or number groups - from one mind to another by extrasensory means. In our communications rubric this can be likened to radio propagation tests to see if a remotely located receiver can pick up a specific transmission under controlled conditions.

The suggestions on this page can be better compared to larger models such as the SETI Project where a sensitive diverse receiving makes itself statistically open to signals of potentially unexpected and unpredicted origin or form. Our immediate interest here is not extraterrestrial communication with alien beings but rather to open more ports for communication within the temporal aperture model. The SETI Project simply provides one more analogical basis for the temporal aperture consciousness model discussed throughout Open Mystic. 

It would be difficult to formulate a scientifically rigorous experiment where there are so many undefined variables. So in this way, this "optimization" scenario crosses into mysticism.  Academic scientists armed with reductionist theories may likely snub the idea, but it is reasonably elegant and logical at its basis. See for yourself:

A knowledgeable webmaster seeking to maximize the reach of his pages generally never bothers with the mere ritual of submitting web pages to search engines.  Instead that person will practice "SEO" - Search Engine Optimization where the website is tuned to be found naturally by the search engines. And so we once again have a strong metaphorical hint from our everyday surroundings!

It should be noted that advanced yogis, Buddhists, and other spiritual seekers consider PSI events to be a nuisance on the way to true Enlightenment.  In literature they constantly warn of the hazards of snagging on this mind candy.  However, they can be a marker that the seeker is genuinely making spiritual growth headway. They suggest noticing these events and then moving on.

Nonetheless, we might heavily borrow from modern communication models and attempt a reasonable look at how a person might  "optimize"  themselves for PSI events. The visitor may want to explore search engine links for that term if they need detailed "PSI events" definitions, but we will assume presently that the visitor generally understands the expression - so that this page will not grow too long.

Under the umbrella of the Temporal Aperture consciousness model which is proposed and explored extensively in the preceding pages, what might be a reasonable approach to PSI Event optimization for a given person?

  • DIVERSITY - modern communications systems use numerous, sometimes exotic, forms of diversity - spacial, time, phase, frequency, position, etc. etc. to set up communications links.  Therefore it metaphorically stands to reason that the broadest bandwidth mind may statistically stand the greatest chance of participating in a PSI event.  This corresponds to the maximized "temporal aperture surround" size as earlier discussed. An agile mind that has regular experience connecting and finding commonalities in ostensibly divergent subjects is a winner.  The polymath /"renaissance person" with hands and mind in both the arts and sciences is likely the best prepared.  Albert Einstein with his profound science and his classical violin may be an example of an expanded mind. Our call to battle is in Latin: "Semper Factotal" - "Always doing everything" (to the extent of our abilities). In a larger picture, the United States has likely accumulated its super- power status because it deliberately - more or less - comprises a very diverse society. "Diversity" is an important key word. It seems reasonable to scale this proven concept to a personal level.  A mindset geared by default intention as all-inclusive may statistically most likely be available for PSI events.
  • TAKE STEPS NOT TO LOSE THE PROCESSING CAPABILITIES OF THE MIND/BRAIN - our brains have amazing "data" processing skill that has developed over the eons in response to various stresses. Many of those will fall into disuse as technology provides easy ready made continuous high definition media inputs for us to enjoy. For psi purposes I know I need those legacy exquisite built-in "signal" processing functions to best interpret any transient psi bursts that may come along. So I long ago figured out little ways so that my electronic media exposure may help rather than negate that cause. Meditation and retreats are time honored ways of accomplishing that, but I don't want to isolate myself from a larger society and have possibly come up with a few valid workarounds.
  • SHED PRECONCEPTIONS - an expectation that a PSI event may play out as a video in the mind complete with voice track in one's native language is likely delusional and a sure pathway to disappointment.  Based on earlier discussion here, a PSI event may likely be very fragmented and require the most advanced dream interpretation type skills in order to begin making it coherent. Given the mind-body continuum with its potential external polydimensional connectivity, a PSI event may take any form or combination of forms with difficult obscure interpretations. In another page, the successful apprehension of such ephemeral events at the edge of consciousness is called "arrow catching".  Preconceived reductionist notions are a serious roadblock.
  • NON-VERBAL COMMUNICATION - potential communications in a PSI context will most likely take a non-verbal form.  Therefore, the person who has actively practiced non-verbal or empathic skills in the arts or various spiritual practices may derive a huge advantage. Language comes in handy for day-to-day management of our lives and communicating some great ideas, but it has severe limitations that need to be recognized by any serious seeker.
  • FRAGMENTATION - PSI events may likely comprise highly fragmented or quasi-coherent data which would require interpretation not unlike that required to analyze dreams.  As a technical analogy consider the graph on this webpage where a radio frequency signal is buried in noise.  This is a static single frequency signal, but it's obvious that one more complex would demand careful interpretation to derive a meaning.  A mind that has practice in piecing together data fragments in a noisy environment would have a serious advantage over the unprepared mind in recovery of fragmented PSI "data".

Although there is surely argumentation over what path may suitably lead to an Enlightenment, the points proposed  here may be especially meaningful to contemporary minds.  Advanced yogis or other serious spiritualists may complain that ancient ideas are merely being repackaged. But that's  reasonable since they can that way become meaningful within evolving social contexts.  

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