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Eroticism and Esoterica

The phenomena of sex and love are essentially non-verbal, multi-ordered, highly nuanced communication, not unlike that in the arts, spirituality, or mysticism. Psychologists and physiologists describe zoological effects and reactions, but beyond high order definitions, the underpinnings remain a mystery. And actually a universal mystery. For those reasons it is understandable that esoteric thinkers would use erotic metaphor and allegory in their writings.  Scholar Jeffrey Kripal, Chair of the Department of Religious Studies at Rice University, has studied the literature from many cultures and periods. He illuminates the topic with academic rigor in his books.

It is proposed that a maximally inclusive individual would be incomplete without the awareness expansion naturally made possible by sex.  A key area for consciousness expansion under this topic lies in thoughtful study of implied and expressed power relationships, not only in personal involvements but as well in literature and the arts.  Dynamic power and control flows can be observed everywhere and continuously, and this area is certainly not an exception.

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