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The debate over evolution vs. creation goes on even after 150 years after Charles Darwin's first publications.  However, the essay proposals on Open Mystic offer a brand new context for the discussion. 

If/given that there is an "infinite meta-form" - "God" or the case of "Infinite Temporal Aperture", then that meta-form comprises an Absolute Totality as covered in earlier essays here.  Most religions and spiritualities generally accept, if not promote, this notion with their own variegated labels and history. It follows that every object, and meta-object everywhere must necessarily be a part of that meta-structure. Coming down to earth as it were, every human ever as well as bugs, viruses, mastodons, sky scrapers, ad infinitium absolutely must exist at one point or another as a part of the meta-structure, or else a violation of its "infinity" will occur.  This means that every single little detail in our known universe as well as those we don't and can't ever know, is equally important and necessary.  This hypothesis gives the pleasant reassurance to humans (along with everything else) as being absolutely important and necessary to that "God".  Now you can really feel important and significant.

I think it is folly to attribute a teleology to the process of populating all known and unknown universes in all dimensions with an infinite array of absolutely essential objects and meta-objects.  Such attributions will always be nothing more than delusional and/or merely reflective of a culture's fears, doubts, and power structures.  "Evolution" as we understand it is the basic method of that ongoing population process.  It appears to be random, but possibly this is only because of a relatively limited 3D universe view.  Maybe it never was random and merely looks that way to us.

At the bottom line, I'm proposing an elegant compromise here: Given a broad enough view, the scientific and creationist communities are both correct simultaneously.  All the universes and dimensions known, unknown, and unknowable are continuously creating and re-creating themselves within an infinite meta-structure ("God"), and the tool of the process is evolution.  In this picture the creationists run into trouble with delusional attributions and labels to the infinite meta-structure "God" and scientists may blindly attach to strict human logic and investigation and completely fail to see a possible larger picture, although this scenario has "evolved" in recent decades thanks to new discoveries and theories in advanced physics.  Both groups are often insufficiently inclusive, and the exclusions lead to an unacceptable, counterproductive intellectual rigidity.  Worst of all is the stiff adherence to fixed religious dogmas in a continuously evolving universe.  Spirituality must evolve just like absolutely everything else in all the universes, known and unknown.

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