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"If everyone thinks your idea is good, it's probably not a big idea. If most people think your idea is bad, that's great, as long as you can find someone who thinks it's a good idea."
Steven Juvetson Importance of "Crazy Ideas" October 9, 2010

A potentially more interesting - if not controversial - proposal is that if given the opportunity in the form of knowledge and leisure time, a person self-identifying as a spiritual seeker should make an attempt to improve the "state of the art".  Science and the arts evolve continuously over history to provide an ever more detailed, intense, intimate, and granular study of every respective field, whether dance, physics, engineering, electronics, etc. However, spiritual and religious education is virtually always a retrospective endeavor, seemingly frozen in centuries old descriptors.  The retrograde language is often obscure and very context dependent.  Many in the developed world are totally alienated from religion and spirituality because the descriptive languages used  may be archaic and frankly taken far out of context.

Open Mystic directly addresses this issue by proposing that spiritual views could potentially be far deeper and more granular if the broadest possible array of modern developed skills were mined for possible analogical understanding.  Modern communication theory is an obvious place to look, while some mystically inclined scientists and observers attempt to mine quantum theory, physics, and mathematics for strong hints of spiritual significance.  Arguably this is a natural, if not archetypal, undertaking leading incrementally to higher spiritual understandings.

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