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A Fully Inclusive Consciousness Model  
Summary So Far

The core principle in the consciousness as temporal aperture rubric is the notion of a person becoming maximally inclusive on all fronts to the limits of their ability. The magic word here is "inclusion". How much inclusion can you stand and still remain sane and organized?

We create machines in our own image.  A careful look at machines can provide clues for insight in analogous or metaphorical areas. In particular the everyday antenna with its "invisible" aperture and tuned design for capturing and transmitting electromagnetic carriers strongly hints at the temporal aperture proposed to surround every person (probably every single object everywhere, but we'll stick to humans). A major issue in using analogies and metaphors to propose one pattern as being similar to another is that the initial pattern - in this case the engineering design of antenna structures and electronic receivers - must be understood by the reader in order to accurately transfer the knowledge to the proposed context. It is much the fashion these days to liken consciousness phenomena to issues in quantum mechanics, which is typically discussed by physicists in the most exotic mathematics.  If a student of consciousness processes can't grasp quantum mechanics at even the most qualitative level, then any analogies using the field are useless as consciousness descriptors. A full engineering description of the Yagi antenna could also require books filled with higher mathematics, but unlike theoretical physics concepts, antenna structures are visible everywhere. Even better, they are capture devices like our own senses, so literally right out of the box they directly share a function not unlike our eyes and ears.  An antenna collects radio waves instead of sound or light waves.  Our ears and eyes are apertures just like an antenna.

It is extremely helpful if not essential that understanding and even employing temporal aperture concepts requires for best advantage that one be able to engage their full mind - the left and right brain portions as it were.  This might be achieved through study of some logical or technical topics combined with a strong look at any art form.  These two rubrics alive in the same mind make it most possible to understand, intuit, and "feel" the temporal aperture notion. Get to know your computer extremely well and take up the Native American flute or ballet, etc., etc.  If you already have a technical or scientific career, then all you need to add is music, dance, art, etc. - to accustom your mind to deriving non-verbal meanings. If you're a dancer, then learn your computer well or whatever other technical interest. Anything to fully engage multiple portions of the same mind.  It's not such an unreasonable demand since serious studies of any spiritual, religious, mystical, or metaphysical traditions requires a measure of time and effort often covering many years if not a lifetime.  Rather than retreating to the monastery, it is proposed that anyone's everyday life can be used as a suitable platform for consciousness and awareness expansion, i.e., temporal aperture enlargement.

The temporal aperture is a poly-dimensional, nominally invisible phenomenon that surrounds each person, similar to the aperture of any antenna only far more complex. We assume that the temporal aperture exists and is functional. Our core concern here is the size, scope, and implications of that aperture and how it might even be managed. Can it be transcendentally managed?

Expansion of the temporal aperture surround may be hazardous in some ways besides being the ultimate challenge.

You know now that your everyday reality isn't merely a dream nor illusion as others have suggested.  Your everyday reality is just highly incomplete. It is what is left over after your automatic filters have shut out knowledge and "data" from an ostensibly inaccessible broader reality.

Finally and most importantly, all temporal aperture surround extents are on a continuum - from that surrounding a one cell creature to the infinite temporal aperture of a hypothetical Deity.  This is a key reason that the temporal aperture concept forms a truly unifying model across all creatures and possibly all objects.

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