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Genetic Implications

It's been proposed that the sensible nominal temporal aperture surround volume increases with the complexity of its "owner".  The temporal aperture of a single cell creature was compared with the infinite temporal aperture of a Deity - one extreme to another. It was proposed that the extent or "size" of all intermediate temporal aperture surrounds between these two extremes would lie on a continuum.

Resonant with temporal aperture continuum notion is the respective genetic complexity of all the creatures along that continuum.  That genetic complexity shares a parallel continuum, i.e., the more complex the creature, the more extensive its temporal aperture.

However, genetic complexity may plateau as more transcendent temporal aperture scenarios can't be directly accessed by conceivable physical creatures. Evolution seems to lead towards development of creatures who increasingly can apprehend this idea and make sense of it. Thus, a physically based creature may only approach the extent of infinite temporal aperture asymptotically. At some limiting level, incremental developments in genetic structure cause disproportionately large temporal aperture extent increases. Thus the temporal aperture volume difference between an amoeba and gorilla is moderate when compared to the potential volume difference between a gorilla (blue dot) and a human being (red dot and above), even though there's an enormous DNA complexity jump in the first comparison group and just a few percent in the second. This may not be the final curve shape, but it serves to illustrate the proposed notion.

At some limiting stage in evolution, it is proposed that a relatively small genetic complexity increase causes an enormous rise in temporal aperture extent. Thus we can understand how spiritual leaders may appear from time to time.  It may only take some tiny, undefined genetic pattern variation to engender such a creature.  The difference between a person with a very extensive temporal aperture and a more limited person would be incremental from a genetics perspective. 

In our temporal aperture model, just the tiniest genetic variation may separate the KMart clerk from being Jesus, Buddha, or whomever other spiritual leader to be.

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