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In recent storms Mother Nature has thoughtfully provided a rainbow for this photograph of the technical artifact which provides a major inspiration for the temporal aperture consciousness model. 

This $60 Radio Shack device (a common log-periodic TV antenna) functionally shares an important trait with millions of its compadres: by design it has an antenna aperture. This is commonly known and exploited every day. To the eye it is merely a collection of aluminum and plastic parts set up to capture television signals from a distance. 

To the electromagnetic radiation - "radio waves" - which it is tuned to capture, its actual structure is far larger than the mere physical construction we see above. At the lowest frequencies (channel 2 television) it has a functional aperture extending radially 20 feet above and below the antenna's structure. To the casual observer this is a virtual volume since we can't see it, but to the radio waves, it is entirely visible and necessary for the capture process. If metallic objects are introduced anywhere within the aperture, it will affect the performance of the antenna. Indeed in this installation the ground itself is within the aperture and theoretically reduces the antenna's performance.  Most persons casually setting up an antenna in the woods will not consider this factor.

Your eye sees this antenna as above in the woods, but radio waves at the antenna's design frequency see a picture that looks like this.  The plastic and aluminum structure has a perpetual surround that is invisible to the eye.  Here an actual mathematic antenna aperture graph has been superimposed on our forest antenna. It is proposed that conscious beings share this trait in common with an antenna as such beings are analogously "tuned" to capture sensations, percepts, and concepts through time, potentially in more than a core 3-dimensions.  The aperture surrounds are "invisible" to the eye but are fully functional and present as in our analogous TV antenna.

The antenna is designed for a wide range of frequencies (USA TV channels 2 - 13), and its aperture volume as described will vary considerably in size and shape depending on the frequency under consideration.  So the aperture volume surround of this simple one-function device - a TV aerial - is actually extremely complex even though we can't "see" that with our eyes.

Thus our analogical temporal aperture surround proposed in sentient beings is likewise considered as a dynamic, extremely complex and extensive volume.  The temporal aperture extent is directly related to the complexity of its "owner's" functionality. Human beings are far more complicated than this antenna.

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