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We explored the temporal aperture model as inspired by an antenna aperture engineering metaphor.  The temporal aperture as a consciousness analog was described as an opening through time. The body and mind with its temporal aperture integrates a stream of consciousness whose initial form is that of a broad based scintillation, a vast spray of binary pulses which are integrated to construct the working definition - or illusion if you will - of day-to-day existence.  To paint a better picture, the digital pathway that brings you this essay is a scintillated stream of data - an expansive spray of binary ones and zeros - not unlike the form proposed for entire functioning of mind, body, and soul. Brain and body control functions are likewise scintillated binary data that is continuously integrated - just take a look at the nervous system and neuronal communications.  A stream of ones and zeros to control eye blinks, fingers typing, heart beating, and thoughts about the possible nature of consciousness.

Across a temporal aperture extent, the streams most likely are managed as a "spread spectrum" phenomenon not unlike a modern radio system analogy.  The streams are made apparent and coherent when a "key" is provided in the form of a cognisance means.  Essentially, a "key" is nothing more than a directed packet of knowledge.

By way of example, all life forms have a key for the data associated with managing sexual contact. Sentient beings with eyes have keys for visual data management. A complex human being has many keys related to survival skills, aesthetics, mathematic concepts, and on and on. This collection of keys defines the extent of a given temporal aperture. 

But following up on the continuum idea proposed earlier, it is proposed in our metaphor that the scintillated data streams for more esoteric data such as that commonly considered paranormal, mystical, or spiritual are always present in our existence. They are not accessible however due to a lack of keys.  A laptop computer brought into my house will never have access to my home network until I type in an encryption key.  The moment I do that the new machine can access the Internet and local hardware of which it was previously "unaware". Actually, the computer broadcasts the fact it has a key, and the network host (say a common $50 Linksys wireless router) acknowledges it to allow a connection. A gay man's sexual key is said to radiate as "gaydar".  A shaman by working definition has keys to certain transcendental streams they may engage with for solving particular worldly problems. And so on.

The drive of curiosity is the built-in psychological mechanism by which all animals including and especially humans initially collect the keys by which the temporal aperture will grow to at least a minimum extent for survival.  As day-to-day problems through the millennia cause severe limiting situations, i.e., life threatening scenarios by predators, etc., the collection of more keys is thereby forced with a concomitant increase in average temporal aperture extent - evolution.

The nature of the everyday keys that define existence and even make it fun sometimes is taken for granted and normally not contemplated by their "owner".  However, we intend to take the closest possible look at the idea of consciousness stream keys in the context of temporal aperture and the spread spectrum radio system analogy. For our everyday experience the keys are nominally added through learning in the common sense of the word. Acquiring keys for more marginal stream acquisition such as those associated with psi events, mysticism, or spirituality is a much more interesting issue.

Assuming that our key metaphor is valid, who wants to carry around a huge key ring, so to speak? Could there be such a thing as a Master Key?  Or, how could we attain the largest possible temporal aperture extent with the minimum key count?  What is required in this context is to search for the maximum commonality across cognized objects in the temporal aperture.  By asking what object or event #1 has in common with object or event #2, we can potentially require only one key to access, i.e, cognize, both situations. And so on. Use of metaphor and analogy is the way this is done with the hazard that such logical processes can be fallacy minefields.  Nevertheless, we must accept this risk in testing analogies and metaphors to help discover commonalities. This methodology is "on trial" right here in the construction of Open Mystic.

The person who first discovers some one common trait in all events and objects across all dimensions and all time would have the Master Key.  This is at best an asymptotic ideal never to be reached by any human form at least.

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