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What is Enlightenment?

Throughout history thinkers have sought to define and encourage "enlightenment".  Like the concept of consciousness itself, the issue of enlightenment naturally is complex and murky. The Wikipedia entry for the word enlightenment is a directory that fans out to six more entries, each spawned from at least that many perspectives.

With a basic understanding of the temporal aperture model, the notion of enlightenment is relatively clear and easy to comprehend, if not to practice.  Seeking enlightenment amounts to the deliberate expansion of one's temporal aperture surround volume.  In other words, enlightenment grows from inclusivity.  A large temporal aperture is highly inclusive.  The infinite temporal aperture of a Deity would be absolutely and totally inclusive of all events and knowledge of the entire Universe.  An infinite temporal aperture is beyond the grasp of mortal human beings, but the aspiration to that infinite inclusivity denotes the process toward enlightenment.  Enlightenment means inclusivity - that is the basal message of the entire temporal aperture concept.

As applies to an individual, this connotes a tendency and drive to read underlying patterns and find a unitary meaning in all diverse every day events and situations.  The drive is conscious and deliberate in assembling semi-occult meanings to conclusions that have a reasonable statistical reliability that can survive criticism, whether external or internal.  "Iterative Convergence" (see FAQ) plays a key role in this process in that ongoing conclusions have to be validated to the greatest extent possible.  They are therefore subject to incremental "fine tuning".  Tools such as analogy, inductive reasoning, and lateral thinking are essential to the process of "enlightenment" at least in the context of the Open Mystic essay set.

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