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A Fully Inclusive Consciousness Model ~~ Why Are "Gods" Created?
It has been common all through the ages to ask why Mankind, if not the entire known Universe, was created.  There are endless religious and secular explanations, always with conflicts.

However, it is more useful and understandable to ask why Gods are created.  Every society has a religious and spiritual tradition - and for good reason.  Without a God or other analogous Deity as co-pilot, the atheist or agnostic is condemned to a perpetual Hell of uncertainty.  That individual becomes personally responsible for their own moral and ethical system, plus there is an issue of risk management.  Without the illusion, if you will, of Divine support many risky undertakings throughout history would have been non-starters.  If one expands their temporal aperture surround as per this monograph, i.e., tending to become a broad and deep polymath or "Renaissance person", the factor of uncertainty could asymptotically approach infinity.  Along with the growth of rational, reasonable thought comes a gnawing inescapable surround of uncertainty in direct proportion. That uncertainty is the endless Hell of the dedicated truth seeking renaissance mind that would intend to deny religion and its inevitable Deities.

Temporal aperture surround expansion poses the Ultimate Conundrum where the limit is not how much broad knowledge one can accumulate in a given mind-body but rather how much uncertainty that individual can stand without developing inevitable psychological and physical difficulties. A dog does not need to create a religion, but human beings do.

As a large enough group of people successfully expand their respective temporal aperture volumes given the vast new accumulations of knowledge in recent centuries, those persons will inevitably need to create new Gods and religions to accommodate the uncertainties of their new aggrandized knowledge scenarios.

It is proposed that the new drive in the US towards more fundamentalist religion infusion into political and social arenas is an unconscious reaction to vast new uncertainties in a globalized highly interconnected world.  That fundamentalist drive though is in effect a retrospective isolationist slant which will only serve to further increase uncertainties however.

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