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What would happen if a "spark" were to occur that discharges an infinite amount of energy in an infinitely fast rise time??  What are the scientific, temporal, philosophical, and spiritual implications of this event?? 

Many Open Mystic visitors will have had this experience: You were standing on a hilltop overlooking an expansive forested valley.  A shooter discharges their rifle in the valley. You hear the "bang" directly from the rifle shot, but this initial loud noise pulse reverberates as the transient overpressure travels outward from the shooter's location and interacts with the trees, hillsides and other objects for a minute or longer.  It becomes a wavy sounding hiss as the energy gradually dissipates and fades from audibility. If you haven't seen this first hand, you may have seen it many times in the movies.

Imagine then what would happen if instead of an earth bound rifle shot, a pulse of infinite energy with infinitely fast rise time were to occur. "Real world" fast pulses contain every frequency over a wide spectrum.  Students of physics and engineering can immediately feel the implications of an infinite power energy pulse with infinitely fast rise time. Consider further that per Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity that energy and matter are interchangeable. Such a "Big Bang" would propagate forever and produce an infinite array of masses and energy forms as these products interact, just as the relatively limited solitary rifle shot in the forest bounced through the trees. It's hard to qualitatively comprehend with our limited three dimensional consciousness, but it is likely that this "Universe Noise" would expand through infinite dimensions - with us Earth residents being a transient tiny part of the whole glorious explosion.  Possibly a need for the concept of time results from and is necessitated by the spreading of that one initial infinite pulse. Given its infinitely fast rise time, all implied spectral events implied within that pulse inevitably become separated in the spreading - propagation - process. In the study of waveform interactions and prediction, the notion of "delay" is a key one.  Again, those with a background in mathematically based science can immediately recognize the implications.

The Open Mystic visitor should contemplate this notion, especially if they have some scientific understanding as there are many fascinating implications, some of which will be proposed on this site.

Since energy appears to constantly be dissipated in all the activities we study at whatever level, how could the Big Bang products propagate forever? Actually, energy and mass are never lost but rather constantly change their form.  To further complicate the picture, there could as well be interdimensional conversions which a human mind cannot directly cognize. The example rifle shot appeared to completely dissipate after a minute or so since it could no longer be heard, but in actual fact that energy was never lost but was given to the air, trees, and hillsides in the form of a small matter of distributed heat energy.  This energy would appear to most observer's consciousness as lost, but if that observer had acquired a large enough Temporal Aperture including science and reflection - a broad awareness, they would realize and understand that no energy is ever lost, only transformed.  In that way, the events brought to Life by a Big Bang can propagate forever.  There are spiritual implications.

Given a naturally limited Temporal Aperture consciousness, I am not capable of readily determining any Who nor Why of the Big Bang, but it is at least useful to understand that there evidently was a Big Bang with infinitely ranging products. Many scientists have come to that conclusion. The Who, Why, and Precursors are a great mystery

Unlimited philosophical implications as well fly out of this creation concept.  One of the most fascinating is that "free will" as we generally understand it may be yet another illusory human construct as was earlier discussed - merely another integration from our incoming personal event stream. Due to the inexorable expanding "dance" of interconvertible energy and matter in this creation model, all events in time in effect may be foreordained in that initial Infinite Pulse Waveform. Thus, any ostensible "free will" decisions may simply be an inevitable predictable consequence within the larger roiling picture. Free will decisions are already inextricably mixed with that decision's consequences.  In a way that's depressing but is a real possibility in this model - no such thing as free will in reality. It may only be an illusion.  Without a free will uncertainty, then the future as we conceive the notion could be foretold with certain accuracy if the observer's consciousness were a large enough Temporal Aperture.  

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