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Arrow Catching is proposed to be archetypal behavior such as was first described by Carl Jung. It is fundamental prototypical human behavior. Arrow Catching comprises two instinctive behaviors - the hunt and the natural human curiosity about distant events and structures.

Arrow Catching was described as the drive to deliberately cognize events at the limits of the human consciousness stream.  So the activity is clearly a hunt, just the same as seeking out a barely distinguishable animal in the wild to take for food. Hunting activity of this general type has been fundamental to the survival and growth of the species. It is a prototypical behavior - an archetypal structure.

As well the human species apparently from the beginning has constantly "hunted" for answers regarding events at the limit of understanding or cognition.  In ancient times the heavenly bodies continuously seeded the curiosity as one of an infinite number of possible examples.  The instinct continues on to this day in that rubric with the Hubble telescope and radio astronomy.  It is a democratic drive in that hobbyists might share the same fascination by "DXing" - seeking distant contacts - with an amateur radio rig. Education institutions deliberately cater to the drive to understand at the limit of cognition and intellect. And so on and on.  The page visitor can easily describe analogous patterns from their own experience and background.

Arrow Catching has one major distinction from the general conception of academic learning however in that the focus is on events at the most outer limits of cognition and awareness. These are events that can potentially be translated into practical knowledge, but it is the maximum stretch.  Successful arrow catching would tend to enlarge the boundaries of one's temporal aperture surround.

In many Eastern spiritual study scenarios, the student is taught to ignore cognition events at the boundaries of awareness.  The Open Mystic instead attempts to amplify and cognize these events. This activity or even fetish would naturally tend to expand the temporal aperture boundaries so that further Arrow Catching will occur at incrementally higher levels as more experience is accumulated.

In some academic or life situations a meaningful demonstrated PSI event would be a "caught arrow" in the Open Mystic paradigm.

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