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A Place for God and Gods?
A Reasonable Explanation of Gods and Deities.

Earlier it was proposed that defining Deities is nominal and straightforward within the temporal aperture consciousness model.  A supreme deity would be that entity with an infinite temporal aperture. Unfortunately, words cannot be used to properly describe these proposed phenomena since for example a label such as "entity" implies a definite object. In order to move this discussion and others right along, we use words both necessarily and advisedly.

An infinite temporal aperture denotes a surround that is absolutely inclusive - all events, objects, and uncognizable content in all dimensions would comprise the ultimate infinite temporal aperture of a hypothetical God or Deity.

This notion creates an extremely significant implication: Since the "God" has an infinitely inclusive temporal aperture, all specific content along with its exact opposition is present within that infinite temporal aperture.  This means that this Deity is in a perfect equilibrium that is Absolutely Uncognizable - though all the infinite energies of unfathomable vast universes are everywhere present, even surrounding all Open Mystic visitors at their computers! Everyday mortals cannot sense nor perceive these energies since the forces are in Perfect Equilibrium within the Deity's infinite temporal aperture, i.e., they all cancel exactly and perfectly.  In this way a God could be All Powerful and All Knowing and Everywhere Present but never directly cognized - the Ultimate Stealth.

It was proposed that temporal aperture surround complexities all lie on a continuum - where a rock has a near zero temporal aperture while our hypothetical God has one that is infinite and Absolutely Inclusive. So while there may likely be a God with an all inclusive infinite temporal aperture, there would be an infinite number of gradations of lesser temporal aperture scenarios that are not absolutely totally inclusive. Those less than absolutely complete temporal apertures may not be in perfect balance, and the resulting offsets may become potentially cognizable. It is proposed that all the everyday cognizable Universe as we know it is merely a display of offsets resulting from the lack of equilibrium within grand temporal apertures that are far larger than ours as humans but still less than perfectly infinitely inclusive.

How could these imbalances happen? It is proposed they happen as a result of the propagation of the "Big Bang" pulse described earlier in this tract. Just as with the hypothetical rifle shot in the forest example, wave mechanics acting on the propagation of the initial fast pulse lead to accumulation of delay and phase offsets.  Arguably, all of the physical universe as we know it is an expression of these accumulated imbalances.

On this subject of "ethereal offsets", it may be concluded further that a very tiny offset could represent enormous energy when we're talking about a Deity's infinite temporal aperture.  The Open Mystic who has made a fetish out of trying to cognize small offsets, i.e., "catching arrows", could potentially be placed in an interesting - if not dangerous - position. That consciousness node which could most competently access minuscule offsets in extra-dimensional realms would possibly be aware of gigantic energies as if to prove a statement such as "less is more". As well, the Universe may be bidirectional or multi-directional leading to an even more fascinating scenario when an Open Mystic possibly could actively interact with an offset.  This engaging speculation makes sense, at least within the temporal aperture model.  Offsets represent an imbalance, and they manifest as change - offsets are the world of sensation, perception, and conceptualization.

In the same analogical pattern where basic the fundamental human reproductive sex drive becomes formally and endlessly variegated after pinballing through the psyches and genetic makeups of individual persons as well as societal structures, so too has a collective instinctual awareness of the inconceivable but infinitely powerful meta-structures postulated in Open Mystic - particularly on this page - driven the creation of religious structures over the human Millennia with only at best a distant vestigial connection to the esoteric original forces.  Corruption, entrenched power, and inertia sustain these religious structures which mainly serve to provide an illusion of security and social stability to followers in exchange for a perceived welcome reduction in the need to make moral choices. 

The bottom line for everyday human existence is that in order to attempt being "God-like", one must strive to be as inclusive as possible within the limitations of personal weaknesses and environment. This is a fundamental notion implicit in the temporal aperture model. It may be all that's necessary to live the good life. If there are elements in one's life that are specifically exclusive, they need to be eliminated as completely as possible. Increased inclusiveness specially denotes a larger temporal aperture surround - they are one and the same.  Inclusiveness is evidently Godliness.

Offsets, Karma, and the Christ

The "offsets" as described must as well be balanced by other offsets.  And here we have a possibility of understanding the term "karma" in a new, more meaningful way. Similarly when Christ is said to have "died for your sins", we have another proposed offset balance scenario where this special offset as a person, "Christ", could balance off a large - but ultimately and necessarily limited in time - range of negative human activities.  In general, the Open Mystic concepts do not appear to conflict with religious or other spiritual processes but rather do provide a more useful description.

Beyond the macro world of offsets posited above, there is also a micro world of balances and offsets dynamically active in the mind and body.  Beyond homeostasis, there is a complex balance of psychology, knowledge, and experience.  Everyone reading this piece is fully capable of the most evil acts imaginable.   The drives to commit such acts however are - hopefully - in balance with the drive and need to perform acts of a more positive and constructive nature.  Arguably, all actions small and large at any given moment stem from offsets - disturbances - in the complex balances.  The act of eating derives from an imbalance signaled by hunger. Etc., etc.  The Biblical saw suggesting "God created man in his own image" (Genesis) is generally supported in the Open Mystic rubric in that a perfect "God" or Deity would be an "Infinite temporal aperture" meta-structure in an infinitely diverse dynamic complex balance.  "Man" at "his" micro-level operates with a perfectly analogous psychological and physical homeostasis - just nominally simpler.  Other sentient beings have the same structures, only at an even simpler level - monkey, horse, etc..  Arguably again, the most valid satisfying life may be that of the so-called polymath or Renaissance person - an individual who has continuously striven to be maximally inclusive.  After all, a God or Deity in the present rubric is Infinitely inclusive.  It only take simple logic to realize that to be "Godlike" - or at least approach the Ideal asymptotically -  would require simply that an individual become as fully inclusive as they can stand to be.  It requires a mind-habit of knocking down personal filters and barriers wherever possible.  Human frailties dictate that this cannot be Perfectly accomplished, but it may be adequate to simply acknowledge that it is a desirable effort.  Hunting down psychological filters may be an archetypal behavior since it is after all a hunt. 

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