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“If you’re at the cutting edge, then you’re going to bleed.” - Nancy Andreasen, neuroscientist

On page 4 as well as others it was proposed that seeking to expand one's Temporal Aperture - actively seek to become the broadest possible polymath/"renaissance" person possible - is certainly difficult and potentially hazardous. In addition to personal limitations there are unfortunately a gauntlet of external forces conspiring to oppose the intention to maximize one's Temporal Aperture surround:

1. In many social circles it's considered "geeky" to learn too much. Some ethnic groups may look on this enterprise as a "white" undertaking. And so forth.

2. Highly developed-country societies provide steady waves of pleasant or exciting distractions which are immediately gratifying and easily accessible.

3. No religious nor philosophic traditions appear to promote it.

4. The everyday economic demands of living often demand a specialization mindset to maximize income.

5. There may not be enough time in the day for pursuing an active expansion of awareness.

6. Lack of curiosity. If a person has lost their innate curiosity trait, then temporal aperture expansion is an uphill battle. If childhood curiosity were never allowed to fade, then temporal aperture expansion can be an automatic natural life process - all humans were born with temporal aperture expansion drives.  Social structures conflict with those drives.

7. In the present context, it seriously helps if the reader comprehends or - better yet - has had experience in the technological and scientific fields from which the temporal aperture analogy structures were drawn.  Millions of persons in contemporary societies around the globe have this knowledge and so can potentially have profound insight into this monograph's notions and proposals.

8. Suppression of latent inhibition and psychological filters in the course of seeking a broader consciousness is potentially hazardous to mental health as an individual struggles to manage large potentially conflicting masses of information.

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