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Acting Supernaturally
Throughout this monograph, particularly on page 30, it is proposed that consciousness complexity be modeled on a continuum with the "temporal aperture surround" as a meta-form to express the inclusiveness at any point along that continuum.  Likely that continuum is an infinitely complex volume of inconceivable form - to our human minds. It is proposed to be ultimately circular with an infinite radius.

The increasingly complex awareness meta-structures ascending this continuum - we'll stick with a simple linear model for talking purposes - are in varying states of balance up to the hypothetical Deity level with its Infinite Temporal Aperture Surround.  That infinite temporal aperture comprises all events in all dimensions over all time. It is thus in a perfect balance and cannot be directly detected by the limited human awareness since this latter facility can only perceive differences and change.  See other sections of this monograph for more discussion.  This is only the briefest summary and proposed as a reasonable description of "God".

Coming down the consciousness continuum would be an infinite array of lesser - incomplete - temporal aperture meta-nodes.  These incomplete nodes are in various states of imbalance since, well, they are incomplete, unlike the Infinite Case.  The resulting offsets are potentially detectable, although they are to mainstream humans a metaphysicality.

So how would one get "supernatural" in the context of the temporal aperture continuum? It is proposed that some adepts may have at times been able to detect and even manipulate the offsets described above.  A tiny knowledgeable control of any such offsets could potentially release enormous energy.  When we at Open Mystic figure out how this is done, our website visitors will be the first to know. The first step is to understand the inclusive temporal aperture consciousness model. The next step is to explore the model at its limits.  A "mystical"  adept likely is comfortable with nonverbal modes - verbality is naturally limiting.  This adept is in effect an expert at exploring limits in a particular way. For humans it may likely be beneficial to understand the arts and to focus on empathetic modes of understanding.  

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