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It is generally true that every child is born with an innate curiosity and will naturally explore the world - another way of saying "expand the temporal aperture" - as they grow.  This is absolutely necessary in the formation of a nervous system and body that is to be viable in the physical world.

With most persons this is substantially a passing trait as they form a working - arguably incomplete - social identity.  The continued expansion of curiosity is not promoted by the society at large.  One issue is that a continued identity expansion in all persons might lead to a fragmentation of the society as each person actualizes their own individual potential.  This may be ostensibly good  for social cohesion and power, but it may leave many citizens with a vague sense of dissatisfaction.  Modern mainstream society seeks to alleviate that dissatisfaction with materialistic consumption and boundless other superficial options.

It is possible that a person who never lets go of their childlike curiosity - everyone has that choice - may be a candidate for a satisfying "temporal aperture expansion" as described in any areas of this monograph.  Everyone from birth naturally and strongly uses curiosity to construct at least a minimally functional temporal aperture (TA) so that they may basically function in society, so we could say that temporal aperture expansion is a universal human trait (other animals too).

The question is begged as to what processes seem to limit this natural trait as it seems that everyone would naturally tend to expand their TA to the maximum extent of their capabilities. As has been previously discussed, there are human limitations and weaknesses that typically limit the TA expansion process.

There is a combination of traits that may lead a person to work through human frailties and limitations to attempt a lifetime maximal - optimal? - temporal aperture expansion.  But one essential trait is curiosity.  Without this core trait, a temporal aperture expansion process is stillborn. Maintenance of this childlike trait may be absolutely important.

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