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Negativity Bias and Expanded Awareness

It has been pointed out in the literature that the attainment and the maintenance of a personal expanded awareness state (broad temporal aperture) - are two separate issues.  Similarly, getting into an advanced university and actually staying there are two separate matters.  There are always numerous ongoing costs not experienced in the attainment phase..  Earlier OpenMystic sections touch on this subject as may be applied to expanded awareness.

In the case of advanced awareness, one of the costs may derive from a natural "negativity bias" that humans have inherited genetically. Here is a link to a qualitative, easy-to-follow description that will open in a new window: Negativity Bias.  This is a big "gotcha" in awareness expansion efforts.

The "negativity bias" denotes a tendency to focus on and be particularly reactive to negative events and thought.  The news media are aware of this general human trait and routinely emphasize negative news stories - "If it bleeds, it leads" as the saying goes.  Common gossip is most often negative as another example.  Negative stories and thoughts are more likely to gain attention thanks to the "negativity bias".  A TV happy news hour would draw little interest nor advertising income.

Apparently this could be a virtually paralyzing issue if a person were to successfully grow an expanded awareness through education and practice.  Through the expanded awareness there will be greater knowledge of negative event possibilities, plus there would likely be an increased sensitivity to internal psychological reactions.  There is both a greater awareness of negative possibilities in every day life and the potential of an increased reactivity to those possibilities - potential for a degenerative feedback loop.  

Arguably, a natural "negativity bias" is potentially the largest hazard in awareness expansion practices.

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February 14, 2007
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