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In an earlier section it was proposed that the so-called "Big Bang" was most likely in the form of one pulse of infinite power with an infinitely fast rise time.  Such a pulse would theoretically contain a nascent expression of everything that is to be (so to speak).

In that initial instant all implication of forms and meta-forms existed exactly simultaneously.  As the resulting waveforms spread, it is proposed that the product of this major "pulse" spread just as that hypothetical rifle shot in a forest described on page 22.  Implicit in this separation/propagation -  "spreading" -  process is the notion of "time" and "delay".

In some way not fully conceptualized, it may be the case that a fast, broad mind may increasingly sense, perceive, feel and conceptualize events as being simultaneous. Is one key "sign" of an expanding awareness the growing apprehension and discovery of seemingly disparate events as occurring with an elegant simultaneity - or "synchronicity" ??

Which leads to another intuitive proposal needing further consideration: In communications and electronic systems, various components in a data stream will be subject to delay and phase shift unless the path has a bandwidth many times wider than nominally required for that data stream.  As a rule of thumb in practical systems a bandwidth 10X greater will generally assure that all waveform components will pass adequately without significant delays, phase shift, and waveform distortion. In the simple case, a 1 KHz square wave will pass through an active or passive system whose bandwidth is at least 10 KHz and still look reasonably - but not perfectly - like the original square wave.  A limited bandwidth path will always distort a complex waveform and will delay and attenuate its higher frequency components.  It has become common in audio-visual (AV) applications to send working audio as data through a LAN rather than use old fashioned analog unbalanced coaxial cable. If that digitized audio traverses a relatively narrow-band path, it will arrive with its original audio quality, but considerably delayed in time.  This can be inconvenient in a show venue since audio generally must match the presentation in time.  One can additionally then see that multiple complex data signals traversing variegated network structures will variously be subject to various delays plus phase shift and will thus be distorted from the original in both time and form.

So here in summary we have another analogy based hint that potentially to the sentient being with the broadest based mind and body, statistically more events may seem to arrive "serendipitously" with an elegant simultaneity.  In others words, an increase in synchronicity incidents may be a clue to success in attaining a desirable broad based mind and body.

Let's take the extreme case with an anthropomorphic example.  If a hypothetical "person" could attain an infinitely broad mind - this would be the "infinite temporal aperture" as discussed elsewhere - then all events for all time everywhere in all dimensions would paradoxically all happen at exactly the same time - total serendipity if you will.  This is not a practical working example due to human limitations, but consider a situation where an example person were as broad as possible in every possible way.  A statistically significant spray of synchronicity incidents could possibly result.

These notions are a proposal based on strong hints from technology as has been so frequently done throughout the series of Open Mystic essays.  Hypotheses such as these would not have been historically possible because the science and knowledge of earlier times would not have been sufficiently granular.  It's an example of how spiritual studies and endeavors must use broad based - open - updated approaches in order to achieve a clearer view of heretofore hidden truths.

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