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What of Genius and Prodigies? Idiot?

The temporal aperture consciousness model opens many new possibilities for the description of geniuses, prodigies. Idiots?

Expansion of a commonly understood "IQ Scale" so as to be fully inclusive in an infinitely diverse Universe as proposed on page 30 leads to many new possibilities worthy of consideration. It is handy to use the "IQ Scale" schema since it is so broadly understood.  That scale is nominally derived from an everyday 3-dimensional world and is not at all sufficiently inclusive. It is a continuum with common anthropomorphic end points. A much broader continuum is reasonably proposed as the "Temporal Aperture".

The "IQ Scale" can faithfully attribute a high "IQ" to a brilliant mathematician, but a stunning concert pianist or ballet dancer for instance may measure poorly on a standard "intelligence test".  There are clearly many types of fine skills not measured well on a test optimized for verbal, mathematic, and 3D spatial skills in a mainstream society where those skills are most valued.

Terms such as "genius" and "prodigy" take on broad new meanings within our new infinite continuum temporal aperture.  From the everyday human perspective, most of the temporal aperture continuum comprises meta-structures and -data not conveniently definable with words and numbers. This underscores a proposal made earlier that a person wishing to interact with the continuum meta-structures should optimally be skillful with non-verbal communication modes.

The exciting proposed possibility is a greatly expanded notion of "genius" and "prodigy".  In the temporal aperture consciousness model, a person who can actively and successfully access and interact with those meta-structures beyond the everyday 3D-based "IQ Scale" can be a genius or prodigy in their own right, not unlike the brilliant mathematician or pianist who seems to effortlessly pull formulae or musical combinations out of thin air to bring new insight to the everyday world.  Great spiritual leaders such as the Buddha, Jesus Christ, numerous indigenous shamans, and so forth may be examples of genius and prodigy as considered within the context of the temporal aperture continuum.  On the temporal aperture scale it is just as natural and normal to access meta-structures as everyday mechanical or verbal skills.  The mainstream society as we know it does not promote nor value those efforts since its economic, political, and social growth more immediately and directly dependent on ordinary common 3D skills.

But what of "idiot"? On the temporal aperture scale, wouldn't most average humans be idiots since they can access so little of the continuum? And much worse yet, they don't even try.  Such efforts run counter to what is considered valuable in a developed mainstream society.

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