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The MIDI Stream by Analogy

Technically or musically inclined readers know that in a MIDI controlled music system, a very complex music stream can be made to audibly play from a relatively minimal stream of data.  Unlike large fully inclusive sound storage modalities such as MP3 or WAV files for example, a MIDI stream only contains control information.  The playback device typically has a sounds database and software to interpret the control signals so as to recreate a musical event.

In our penchant for communications analogies, a MIDI analogy has powerful implications. It has been proposed that the "temporal aperture" is an infinite extension of the common Intelligence Quotient (IQ) scale.  To ordinary humans, almost all but a very tiny chunk of the temporal aperture represents "meta-data" - data beyond the everyday 3-dimensional senses. That meta-data is continuous and ubiquitous but mostly cannot be apprehended and interpreted. On statistical occurences where a connection is made, the interpretation is proposed to be not unlike that of a playback device receiving MIDI data information.  That latter device produces an output resulting from the interaction of the incoming data on its stored sounds database.  Every device receiving this same data will "sound" different to a listener due to variations in that device's stored database.  As well there is the very significant matter of "mapping" - whereby incoming meta-data is "mapped", that is, directed to a specific response.

So in summary there are two issues with the MIDI analogy.  First is the general "database" size - the temporal aperture extent.  And secondly the "mapping" of meta-data to areas in that database.  It is in this area that experience with non-verbal information such as in the arts or certain spiritual endeavors is nominally essential.

To make a long story short, it is proposed that for individual humans, each person has a stored database of knowledge and experience that comprises their ego.  The components and indeed the entire "assembly" is conveniently labeled with a large number and variety of names and nomenclature. The resultant and continuous output of that "assembly", otherwise labeled "human being", plays from an internal database controlled by a sparse meta-data stream in the same way that a MIDI controlled musical instrument plays a tune for all to hear.

Here we can finally understand the Buddhist claim that all life and "known" physical universe is merely an illusion. In our present rubric, it is an illusion "playing" from our complex of stored human experience and knowledge databases and nothing more.  A MIDI musical playback device may convincingly spoof a full symphony orchestra, but there's no 110 piece orchestra present, only an illusion thereof made possible by a relatively sparse MIDI stream.

When OpenMystic suggests that an individual is wise to maximally expand their personal temporal aperture, the resultant life "playback" can more faithfully - asymptotically -  reproduce and interpret the proposed incoming meta-data stream.  By analogy, the growth of a person's temporal aperture - the sum total of all knowledge and experience - serves to expand the analogical "internal musical note database" just as a musician would want to do in a MIDI scenario to more accurately represent a musical instrument.  The Buddhists would claim that this activity only serves to further and more deeply enhance a person's illusory field, and they have a point.  However, it is proposed that at a certain critical mass of personal temporal aperture size, critical insights and realization will occur. This modality of temporal aperture expansion fits in well with the everyday pattern of a developed complex modern society.  As well, a person with a broad temporal aperture can more successfully interact with both the surrounding society and metaphysical structures.  That person can catch and interpret metaphysical data for society as a translator of sorts.

A creative lifestyle would be the one that create the largest "output" from the most minimal input meta-data stream.

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