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A Look at Mental Energy

Let's visit the expression "mental energy" - for purposes of Open Mystic, it is denoted as the total area under the representative crude curves below (vis--vis calculus).  The larger the area, the greater opportunity for interpreting and interacting with diverse surroundings as well as internal insights. A God or Deity with an "Infinite Temporal Aperture" has an infinite area under the curve - which in a larger reality would not be a mere two dimensional graph as here.  These simple graphs are  illustrative and tend to suggest an ideal in the context of Open Mystic.

Sample "Power Profiles"

Power Profile - Renaissance Person

This crude chart above shows the Power Profile that might represent a polymath/Renaissance person who is capable of integrating diverse interpretations and insights.

Power Profile Chart - Specialist

Note that the area under the curve shown by the coloration is noticeably smaller.  The opportunity for the more specialized person represented by this chart for reaching beyond the everyday world is more limited although they may be an excellent stock trader and marathon runner.  However, diverse inclusiveness is proposed to be essential for increasing the odds of unusual or creative insight.

Increasing the "temporal aperture surround" size, i.e. approaching a Renaissance person status, is highly desirable, if not essential, in the Open Mystic consciousness model.  The inclusive mind is in a far better position to integrate diverse meanings and thereby attempt to reach beyond the everyday three dimensional world.  That scenario is proposed to be conducive to a powerful spirituality.

It's a conundrum and unfortunate commentary that contemporary societies demand specialization for everyday success due to the shear volume of accumulating knowledge.  This direction works directly against the possibility of achieving a personal broad inclusiveness as might be most desirable in the Open Mystic consciousness model.  After all an Ultimate God or Deity comprises an Infinite Inclusiveness, and it is proposed that this is logically an example to follow for a maximally fulfilling life.

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