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Moral and Ethical Issues

Eventually, any consciousness system descriptor set needs to deal with moral and ethical issues.  Existing ethical and moral systems may be insufficiently inclusive just as are the consciousness models in which they were formed.  In particular, reliance on a few expressed specific proscriptions such as "thou shalt not kill" is only useful to a point.  Typical exclusive moral and ethical systems may allow for an excess of hypocrisy, "sins of omission", and unfortunately so forth.  While Open Mystic proposes a fully inclusive consciousness model, the appropriate concomitant moral and ethical systems may be difficult to construct.

In section 35 it was proposed that the ordinary Universe may exist solely as a cosmic laboratory where an infinite variety of changes dynamically arise and thereby create problems requiring solutions by the impacted sentient beings.  In this light it has been proposed on several Open Mystic pages that the certain path to a life of endless pleasure is to declare that problem solving will be one's highest pleasure. Arguably, it may be a way to stay with or possibly ahead of the game, so to speak. The trait of curiosity is a helper to this proposed lifestyle design.  Inevitably, everyone will face endless "problems" through a lifetime. "Hunting" for solutions to these problems may be archetypal behavior and thus innately satisfying to the graced person who has realized that problem solving behavior is the highest pleasure.

Some persons are paid to deliberately create problems for others.  These persons are professional educators of one type or another - college professor, guitar teacher, etc.  Educators are a positive and accepted force for temporal aperture expansion.

Beyond the formal educator role scenarios, there is an infinite spray of accidental, unintentional, deliberate problems created by and for other sentient beings to solve.  Generally speaking, many of these problem solving scenarios lead to the strengthening of the affected creatures in the long run.  Human beings could not exist as such without an enormous flood of experiences over time that were stressful and threatening.  A "paradise" as generally imagined would over the long run destroy every living creature therein.  The conundrum dissolves however if one were to declare that problem solving behavior is the highest pleasure.  This is the pathway to fashioning everyday existence as "paradise on Earth".

Assuming that problem solving is declared the highest pleasure, then what problems can we ethically and morally create in our every day lives for other persons and sentient beings to solve? What criteria should be used to decide?  This is the core moral issue in the Open Mystic temporal aperture consciousness model. What really matters?

If I rob a person on the street, could that be construed as an ethical act since the victim may acquire a variety of new knowledge from the experience - "street knowledge".  I have created a problem for the victim with numerous potential follow-up solutions.  If problem solving is such a high pleasure, then the robbery victim should be ecstatic over this chance opportunity? No? And so forth....

Pending resolution of this important issue, Open Mystic visitors should continue to use whatever moral and ethical systems have served them up to now!

Our "problem solving as highest pleasure" proposal opens the door for rich discussion of ethics and morality.  This section 45 will be continuously updated through the life of the Open Mystic website since it comprises one of the most significant discussions.

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