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The Paradise Paradox

In section 35 it was proposed that the ordinary Universe may exist solely as a cosmic laboratory where an infinite variety of changes dynamically arise and thereby create problems requiring solutions by the impacted sentient beings.  In this light it has been proposed on several Open Mystic pages that the certain path to a life of endless pleasure is to declare that problem solving will be one's highest pleasure. Arguably, it may be a way to stay with or possibly ahead of the game, so to speak. The trait of curiosity is a helper to this proposed lifestyle design.  Inevitably, everyone will face endless "problems" through a lifetime. "Hunting" for solutions to these problems may be archetypal behavior and thus innately satisfying to the graced person who has realized that problem solving behavior is the true highest pleasure.

Popular descriptions of "paradise" generally denote a place of total bliss, delight, and peace.  Everyone fancifully aspires to live in a paradise.

Unfortunately, if formal sentient beings were to actually and successfully manage to take up life in a paradise as popularly conceived, gradual and certain destruction of the species will be the inexorable result.  All sentient being inherited traits derive from historic solution of infinitely variegated problems, many of them deadly and life threatening.  A "paradise" without problems is gradual death as body and mind skills slowly drain away from disuse.   This is the paradise paradox.  "Paradise" in the popular conception is a deadly place!

But there's a worldly escape from the paradox.  And it's simple: intelligent sentient beings such as human need only to declare and accept that problem solving behaviors are the legitimate highest form of pleasure.  Worldly existence is suddenly bliss as endless problems come to be seen as delicious exciting gifts.  Hunting for solutions is profoundly archetypal and natural.  It can be added in the Open Mystic context that such "natural" activity has the significant benefit of temporal aperture expansion as described in this website.

Likely a given situation has broken down if an individual winds up solving the same problem over and over.  The wise individual would examine such loops carefully and break free of them.

Everything falls into place organically with the realization that problem solving behavior is the highest form of pleasure. Quite literally, this notion makes "paradise on Earth" entirely possible and realistic.

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