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A Fully Inclusive Consciousness Model   

+ It stands to reason that a person with the broadest, deepest possible mind/body package of knowledge and experience - a polymath or "Renaissance person"  - would be most likely to successfully achieve any type of spiritual enlightenment.  The keyword phrase for all activity is "maximally inclusive".

+ The catch-all virtual vessel for a person's total mind/body knowledge and experience is the temporal aperture - an "opening in time".  Ideally, the temporal aperture should expand and grow over a lifetime in order to become as inclusive as possible.

+ The everyday Universe continuously provides an endlessly variegated range of problems to all sentient beings.  All mind and body traits of human beings have been shaped by constant interaction with problems and threats over time.  A graced person can declare for themselves that problem solving behavior is to the highest pleasure.  "Hunting" for solutions to problems is archetypal behavior (without the bloodshed).  This activity over time naturally grows the temporal aperture - overall awareness -  with numerous regenerative benefits.  A fulfilled, blissful life is guaranteed as a free, broad range supply of problems steadily gushes forth awaiting solutions!  Declaration of problem solving as the highest pleasure is a ticket to paradise on Earth.

+ Frequent recurrence of a given problem - a loop - is a strong hint of error.  This situation is to be avoided to the greatest extent possible.   The test for a valid solution is its durability.

+ The rallying cry is "Semper Factotal!" - "always doing everything" from Latin.  Maximally inclusive behavior is the ideal. 

+  The depth study of spiritual modalities needs to be continuously updated. One wouldn't dig a well the way it was done 2000 years ago nor do surgery as it was done in the 19th century.  In the same way the study of spiritualities needs to be continuously updated.  The grist for a contemporaneous approach most practically comes through the thoughtful and rigorous use of analogies.  Suggested good analogical resources are in the middle section of the Links and Resources page. As decades and centuries go by from this point on, that list would naturally need to be revised and updated.

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