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There are no exact descriptions from physics or math for this, but let's see if we can envision a temporal aperture more vividly.  We must rely on inductive reasoning and physical analogies such as the antenna for this, and it may be subject to modification. Words and ordinary logic fail us as expected.

To recap, any ordinary antenna is surrounded by an aperture that is "visible" to the radio waves (electromagnetic radiation) for which the antenna is tuned (see page 13).  That aperture is much larger than the physical antenna itself and so is virtual to our eyes and must be imagined.  Any antenna engineer can clearly envision this aperture and define it exactly, but we'll just be satisfied with imagining a large nominally invisible volume around the antenna.  Any other metal objects - particularly ones that have a design resonance - that are introduced into that antenna's aperture will effect its performance.  No need to touch the antenna structure physically - just be within the antenna's defined aperture.

The antenna is usually a simple static device with a single defined purpose. It's aperture reflects those basic traits.  The antenna is a device which functions to capture an incoming carrier and focuses it ultimately for processing in a detector where its content can be retrieved, such as for example in a radio or TV.

Of compelling analogical or metaphorical interest is the fact that a broadband antenna structure such as the trivial case of a rooftop TV aerial has a different size and shape capture aperture for every channel of its tuning. 

Let's consider expanding the idea of capture. We'll ignore the reciprocal concept of transmission until later since antennas typically can both capture and radiate at their design frequency.  Let's make the leap to considering our entire consciousness and awareness as a giant, infinitely complex capture phenomenon not unlike the single defined purpose system of a physical antenna and receiver. With consciousness and awareness we capture a continuous spray of sensations, perceptions, and concepts and then dynamically integrate those to form our ongoing here-and-now experience through time.  It's like an antenna and radio but much more complex. In an infinite universe, that complexity potentially extends to an infinite number of dimensions beyond our highly limited and and limiting three dimensions. Our vision of and within the universe is always incomplete unfortunately. 

If one could cognize absolutely every object and event that ever has been, is, or will be in every dimension, then one's temporal aperture would be a volume of infinite size. It would comprise the entire universe, and one would be a bona fide Deity or God.  One could have knowledge of Everything, all within the present here-and-now experience.  As one's knowledge is much more limited - as is the time frame over which one can play that knowledge - the aperture surround is much smaller than infinite. It is functionally finite but may be potentially infinite.  It is in essence much larger than the physical self as with the antenna but has finite and dynamic dimensionality for all practical purposes. It is the sum total of all the possible cogniscent connections one can make at any given moment.

One can imagine then being surrounded by a large poly-dimensional volume of dynamic irregular shape. Moreover, one's own volume intersects those of others and may be contained within extended volumes of poly-dimensional entities which we can't directly define in so many words, but that must be present in an infinite universe. By analogy with the ordinary TV aerial example above, the size and polydimensional "footprint" of one's temporal aperture varies depending on the specific consciousness area under consideration - the "channel".  One's temporal aperture in the light of higher mathematics may be small and constrained but very large in the light of music. Another person's temporal aperture in the horticulture "channel" may be large but very small in the light of cooking skills. Etc., etc. The instantaneous strengths and weaknesses in your awareness profile determine the size and shape of the temporal aperture across all dimensions.

What are the implications of the temporal aperture intersecting with those of other people, especially in unknown extradimensional areas?  Could this be the basis of the "vibe", "ESP" and other psi events, and so forth?

If we propose extradimensional entities, aren't we getting into spiritualism or even saying "Yes there is a God"?

Does the temporal aperture actually ever become visible or directly sensed or felt?

An antenna is typically bidirectional as is the pathway through which it captures. So it can transmit as well as receive. We clearly "transmit" and "receive" as we communicate day-to-day with other people, but what about at those higher unknown dimensions that are a part of our temporal aperture? Maybe this is where we "get a feeling" or "hunch" about something?  Is this where psi events happen and then filter down roughly to our normal waking consciousness?

The implications of the expanded temporal aperture model are literally all encompassing, and that's why it is a "unifying model of consciousness".  Spiritualism of all types, psi events, e.g, ESP, and everyday waking consciousness all fall under the umbrella of the temporal aperture model.

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